How Passfield makes England's New Plant Order easy to manage

What to do about the new Plant Health Order

7th March 2016

What to do about the new Plant Health Order

The new Plant Health Order came into effect in England on 24 February – and for some businesses it means paperwork they could do without. If you’re a Passfield user, there’s an easy way to manage this new regulation. Before we explain how, let’s take a quick look at what this new Order actually is:

What’s the new Plant Order all about?

If you bring certain plants into England, you now need to notify an Inspector within four days of their arrival. We’ve listed the plants below – for all of them, they must be intended  for planting, been grown or suspected to have been grown in another member State, or in Switzerland.

Castanea Mill.
Fraxinus L.
Pinus L.
Platanus L.
Prunus L.
Quercus L.
Ulmus L.

You’ll need to provide the intended date of their arrival and destination – and if they’re already in England you’ll need to provide the date they first arrived and their current location. You’ll also need to provide:

• Their genus and species
• The supplier’s identification number
• The country from which they’ve been, or are to be, consigned.

How Passfield can help

Fortunately, Passfield makes managing this new Order very straightforward. Not only can you include all of the required information, but you can generate a specific report and set an alert that will notify you when you need to inform the Inspector.

A step by step guide:

1. Set up a new stock descriptor with your chosen name (e.g. PHO tracked) and give it a single list value of ‘Yes’.
2. Using a bulk apply tool set ‘Yes’ values against the required plant variety (e.g. Castanea sativa) within Passfield.
3. Create a system report which identifies batch stock of ‘PHO tracked’ varieties, showing all the necessary legislative information.
4. Create an alert which notifies you of imminent and/or recent arrivals of PHO tracked batches and prompts you to run your report.
If you need support setting this up, contact our Help Desk and we’ll be happy to help. Call 01404 514 4000 for more information.

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