We report back on GreenTech 2016

We report back on GreenTech 2016

12th July 2016

We report back on GreenTech 2016

Amsterdam was host to the 2016 GreenTech horticulture show this June. We sent Client Support Executive Richard Stones along to investigate what this show has to offer the industry in its second year. 

GreenTech in a nutshell

GreenTech is biannual with exhibitors showcasing the latest technologies in horticulture from all over the world.  The range of exhibitors draws visitors from all continents giving the show a truly international flavour.  The exhibition is organised in to four major themes: Energy, Crops, Bio-Based and Water with a focus on sustainable solutions.  In addition to the exhibition, three theatres provided a platform for the exchange of knowledge and networking hosting presentations and speeches throughout the three days.   This year GreenTech offered tours to four live showcases in neighbouring nurseries, Bayer Nuhem (veg), Van den Bos Flower bulbs, Hilverda Kooij (pot plants) and Schonevelod Breeding (cold loving pot plants).

This year’s hot topics

This year’s hot topics in the Innovation Hall included vertical farming, improvements in LED lighting, and hi-tech in the automation of greenhouse production.  Robotics is increasingly being applied to greenhouse cultivation with innovation in specific areas such as monitoring plant growth, pruning of tomatoes and propagation of roses.  Typically the use of automation generates data which is being increasingly used to measure and analyse plant growth: ‘If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it’ (GreenTech 2016)

What UK visitors thought

The UK was represented by several exhibitors with strong support from the CHA (Commercial Horticultural Association.  Each one commented very positively about GreenTech.  Of particular note was the valuable networking that took place as the show attracted a high number of decision makers from the industry.

Our verdict

GreenTech is a world class opportunity to meet with the global community and see the very latest innovations the industry has to offer growers.  With ever increasing interest and investment from emerging markets and demand on resources such as energy and water, GreenTech 2018 will be well positioned to present another impressive range of developments in horticulture.

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