New feature makes the most of Passfield's user licenses

New feature makes the most of your user licenses

18th August 2015

New feature makes the most of your user licenses

Here’s an issue that occasionally comes up: one of your staff logs onto Passfield to print off a stock list, say, or check what’s best for picking that day. They get the info they need, and set off to the nursery.

All well and good – except they’ve left themselves logged on to Passfield. With their user license now taken up, no one else can use that licence to log in. And if all your user licences are taken up, anyone else trying to get onto Passfield is locked out.

This may happen rarely – but when it does, it creates an instant bottleneck.

Or at least, it used to.

We’ve introduced a new feature that logs a user out of the system automatically after they’ve been inactive for a certain amount of time. You get to set how long that time is – just go into System Settings to do this.

Now, what if a user is still using the system – looking at a stock list, say – but not actually ‘doing’ anything? Does that mean they’ll get logged out, too?

Thankfully, no: the system is able to detect even the slightest move of the mouse or key stroke. So if you’re using the system – however lightly – you stay logged in. If you’re not, you get logged out, freeing up that user license for someone else.

It’s a neat little feature that could make workflow in your nursery all the smoother.

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