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"A cracking program", by Jasmine Nursery

4th December 2014

"A cracking program", by Jasmine Nursery

We were thrilled to receive this email from Ben Tatt, Production Manager at Jasmine Nursery in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Jasmine Nursery grows container nursery stock for the retail garden market and has been using Passfield since the summer of last year.  Ben started by saying “I thought I’d let you know what we’re up to with Passfield... ‘What a cracking program’ (you can use that on your website).”

We asked Ben if we could share the rest of his email on the blog, and he gracefully obliged. So, over to you Ben...

“We purchased ourselves a Tablet recently. We got one so that when customers who come to the nursery and walk round picking up plants came to pay, we could use the tablet (within a radius of 20 metres from the WiFi source) with Passfield open on it to add an order directly to the system, without having to use that ancient device known as a pen!

"We have also been able to send customers’ e-stock lists to ourselves then use them as Excel spreadsheets on the tablet to create orders then email them back, or when customers take plants beyond the reach of the WiFi (front shed, loading area). This is a useful little trick…”

Many thanks, Ben. It’s always great to hear about the different ways clients are using Passfield. Its flexibility is one of its strengths – so while a propagator will use it one way, a bedding plant nursery will use it completely differently. And because you can ‘hide’ the features you don’t need, it remains simple and easy to use.

Want to see for yourself? Talk to us about viewing a demo. Call 01404 514400 or email sales@passfield.co.uk.

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