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Passfield Data Systems Ltd has been successfully providing software solutions since 1995, however in 1997 the company’s vision was redefined. Passfield Data Systems founder Roger Vellacott saw an opportunity to develop a single highly flexible management system dedicated to Horticultural Nursery operations.

This single new system would have the following three main aims

1. Be highly configurable so that it could be set up for different kinds of activity, different selling methods, different approaches to stock keeping and production.
2. Make full use of new technology – in particular Windows, relational databases and networks.
3. Be priced at a level which would be viable for even the smallest commercial nursery.

To date these aims have been met: Passfield is now used by a wide number of Nurseries throughout the UK and Ireland with client activity ranging from salad propagation through to the marketing of large trees.

Passfield has also recently broken into new markets, namely the USA and Australia. Our client portfolio ranges from small family businesses to large multi site businesses like The Garden Centre Group and multinationals such as David Austin Roses.

Passfield’s success is a direct result of our dedicated team work. Our complementary skill sets and wealth of experience provide solutions, service and reassurance.

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