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Welcome to Passfield | TSD

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At Passfield | TSD, we understand your software needs. Together, we’ll identify the functionalities that bring you the most value, tailoring the software to grow seamlessly alongside your business.

We serve numerous nurseries in the UK, Ireland, USA and Australia. Our success is attributed to the collaborative efforts of our dedicated team, whose varied skill sets and extensive experience ensure top-notch solutions, services and reassurance.
Passfield, joined forces with TSD back in February 2022. Our collaboration ensures that Passfield clients benefit from an expanded team and increased expertise, delivering a more comprehensive range of services.

The new Passfield-TSD team is dedicated to offer you even smarter IT solutions. We are committed to ongoing software development, addressing the evolving IT needs that strengthens the core of your business processes.
Our strategy is: Software for life

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Case Studies

Glendale Horticulture

Glendale Horticulture

Glendale Horticulture grow a wide variety of plants in large volumes to an equally diverse range of customers. As the business had grown, it had acquired multiple, siloed legacy management systems over different sites across the UK – and thus, had no...
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Premier Plant Producers

Premier Plant Producers

Premier Plant Producers has been using Passfield since 2004 and traceability has been one of the key benefits. The batch numbers (which are allocated at the point an order is placed) can be traced throughout the processes on the nursery as well as the...
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Majestic Trees

Majestic Trees

Majestic Trees is a multi award winning wholesaler of semi-mature containerized trees and has been using Passfield since 2004. Passfield handles their entire transaction process, from purchasing to selling, including automated back-to-back ordering and...
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